A1. Meetings with landowners, drafting and signing of agreements

Signing of agreements with the owners of the selected stands

A2. Definition of baseline biodiversity indicators

Literature review on indicators for assessing the naturalness and biodiversity of the forest ecosystems

Biodiversity indicator proposal overseen by the Expert Committee

A3. Fine-tuning of a Potential Biodiversity Index: IBPMed-Catalonia

IBP Cat v2.0 prepared

IBP Cat v2.1 prepared

A4. Initial diagnosis of the action stands and of the naturally evolving stands: Characterisation and mapping

Delimitation of the project stands

Creation of GIS map

Development of the protocol for conducting expert inventories

Information processing

A5. Design of conservation measures and forestry interventions, drafting of specifications and processing of administrative permits.

Design of forestry actions to be performed

Drafting of the specifications for the performance and contracting of forestry works

Processing of authorisation applications for the competent forestry authorities

Selection of companies for forestry work

A6. Analysis of innovative funding mechanisms (direct and indirect) and contractual models with landowners to integrate biodiversity improvements into sustainable forest management

Compilation of the main innovative funding mechanisms, incentives and contractual mechanisms

Document analysing the various land stewardship models and recommendations for the development of other contractual mechanisms