One of the actions of the project is the exchange of information with external entities working on similar issues to those of the Life BIORGEST project, with the following objectives: to take advantage of synergies with other existing initiatives, to complement the focus and interest of the activities developed, and to increase the impact, transferability and visibility of the project.

This section shows the projects or entities with which collaborations and active information exchanges have been established so far.

Forêt Privée Française – IBP

Life GoProFor

LIFE17 GIE/IT/000561

Life Climark

LIFE16 CCM/ES/000065

Sincere Project

Life Pinassa

LIFE13 NAT/ES/000724

Life Mixforchange

LIFE15 CCA/ES/000060

Life Redbosques

LIFE15 GIE/ES/000809

Asociación para la Certificación Española Forestal (PEFC)