The project puts forward 33 demonstrative measures to be developed in Mediterranean forest habitats of community interest included in the Natura 2000 Network of Catalonia (NE Spain) and Occitanie (SE France).

In each of these areas an initial diagnosis will be made, and different forestry interventions will be carried out consisting of measures to enhance biodiversity.

In particular, the LIFE BIORGEST project encompasses the following measures:

  • Preparatory measures: Holding meetings with the owners of the selected stands and signing agreements for action; defining and aligning baseline biodiversity indicators; making an initial diagnosis of each stand, designing conservation measures and forestry interventions; and analysing innovative financing mechanisms.
  • A compensatory measure for land owners by way of use rights.
  • Conservation measures: Innovative management models for improving biodiversity and preparing for natural dynamics in Mediterranean forests dominated by Quercus ilex, Quercus humilis/faginea and Pinus halepensis; the application of the Potential Biodiversity Index and specific conservation measures; and the integration of biodiversity enhancement measures into regulations and policies governing the management of Mediterranean forests.
  • Measures for monitoring the project’s impact: The creation of an expert advisory committee; evaluation of the areas concerned and those selected for natural dynamics from the perspective of forestry, biodiversity and other ecosystem functions; socioeconomic evaluation of the project as well as its progress; and economic valuation of the implementation of measures for the improvement of biodiversity and the design of compensation mechanisms for owners.
  • Communication and dissemination measures, especially those related to the transfer of knowledge and technology: These measures are aimed at various target audiences (owners, specialists and managers, authorities, local politicians and society in general), at local, regional, national and international levels. To this end, the following are planned: the creation of a website; the design and publication of informative leaflets, roll-up banner stands, USBs and information panels; the organisation of conferences and communications at sectoral congresses; the publication of an informative video; and the drafting of articles and the publishing of technical documents.
  • Management and monitoring measures: These measures aim to ensure the project’s correct development at technical, administrative and financial level.


Project start: 01/10/2018

Project end: 30/09/2023