The project has received significant financial contribution from the European Commission’s LIFE programme and also has the following co-financiers:

Directorate-General of Environmental Policy and Natural Habitats – Department of Territory and Sustainability – Generalitat de Catalunya

Among the competency of the Directorate-General of Environmental Policy and Natural Habitats are the following:

  • To promote the sustainable development of Catalonia and the incorporation of international and European sustainable development objectives and criterion.
  • To develop strategic planning, guidelines and policy proposals on biodiversity and natural environment policies, together with their evaluation and monitoring.
  • To design, direct, plan and manage the system of protected natural spaces in Catalonia; to develop and process planning and integral management instruments for these spaces, for ecological connectivity, and for the protection of habitats, species and geological heritage.
  • To foster the protection of land in Catalonia.

Directorate-General of Forest Ecosystems and Environmental Management – DARP – Generalitat de Catalunya

Among the functions of the Directorate-General of Forest Ecosystems and Environmental Management are the following:

  • To develop guidelines related to the conservation, protection and management of forest heritage, and to assume responsibility, where necessary, for the restoration and improvement of ecosystems of Catalonia.
  • To approve improvement plans for the development of forestry activity, and to strengthen forest management and the sustainable use of forest resources.
  • To draw up proposals for regulations on forest management.
  • To formulate plans and activities aimed at environmental education and training, within the scope of the Directorate-General.
  • To exercise adequate representation before State Public Administration and, as coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, before the institutions of the European Union and international organisations.

Diputació de Girona

The Diputació de Girona has among its functions regarding the natural environment of the regions of Girona:

  • Management of the Parc Natural del Montseny, which is considered a biosphere reserve, jointly with the Diputació de Barcelona.
  • Support and consolidation of the consortiums that manage or promote natural areas, by promoting sustainable development with measures to preserve, defend and restore natural values with social integration criteria.
  • Advice in the municipalities and technical and general assistance in matters such as the prevention of forest fires.
  • Development of environmental education campaigns aimed at schools, publication of technical, educational and pedagogical material available to schools and organisations.